Task2 - Health >> Abortion/ Human Rights/ Tien Nguyen Tran My & Quynh Tran Nguyen Truc

"Abortion/ Human Rights/ Tien Nguyen Tran My & Quynh Tran Nguyen Truc"

The right to procreate is considered a human right, or the rights of all life. In some societies the right to terminate an unborn child is not allowed. Discuss both sides of the issue.

Reproduction is the sacred right of all people of a society. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in terms of pro-choice and pro-life in some societies. Many women claim their right to freedom and privacy. In this essay, I will give supporting ideas and analyze the drawbacks of this dilemma.

Abortion helps to safeguard women's health in some cases. There are many women who suffer from various hazardous and contagious diseases, for example, AIDS. These diseases can be life-threatening to both the unborn child and the mother, so an abortion often avoids serious illness complications resulting from childbirth. The convenience of abortion allows the would-be parents an option to terminate unwanted pregnancies and so society can avoid the negative effects of children's illnesses if they are born.

However, abortion is totally ethically wrong. When some women become pregnant, they lack the abilities to raise a child, but they do not have the right to terminate their unwanted baby. As such, some mothers commit suicide. That is, they choose to kill themselves and their unborn baby. They do not want to take responsibility for their own actions. It gives them the freedom of doing careless actions and getting rid of their mistakes easily. In addition, an abortion may lessen the chances of having children later in life. Though it is not guaranteed, it can definitely happen, leaving the woman childless forever.

In conclusion, I think that abortion is the right of every woman, and I recommend that these women who do not have the option in their own homeland should travel to other countries where abortion is legal and acceptable.

Essay by Tien Nguyen Tran My & Quynh Tran Nguyen Truc December 2014

Comment from ITP

This is a difficult and highly controversial issue for many people, however, your discussion is balanced and informative. Well done.