Task2 - Health >> Aging Populations

"Aging Populations"

Because of falling birth rates and better healthcare, the world's population is getting steadily older and this trend is going to cause serious problems for society.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Generally speaking, the world's population is aging. In fact, many countries are not replacing their current population with new generations. This phenomenon has resulted from positive developments in healthcare along with improved standards of living. However, there may be significant issues associated with this trend.

There are two main issues linked to the aging of populations. Firstly, health care resources are placed under increased stress when the average age of people increases. It is true that as we age, our general health deteriorates meaning that further health care is necessary. Furthermore, elderly people may need full time nursing in retirement. In some cases, the aged of our society do not have families to take care of them. Thus, they require the ongoing assistance of nurses.

The second issue related to an aging population is economic. Currently, the retirement age in most countries is around 65. If the majority of the population are in their retirement, the quantity of people in the workforce will be reduced. As a result, the economy may lack the labor force needed to drive it forward, and economic growth may be adversely affected.

It is my belief that the problems stemming from an aging populace are serious. Improved healthcare services and standards of living have great benefits although we must prepare ourselves for a future with an aging population. Governments must have long term planning and thinking to prepare for a future when there are more retirees.