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"Causes and Effects of Poor Health"

What are the causes and effects of poor health?

Good health is essential, not only for individuals but also for society. However, nowadays, some developing countries have some serious health problems. One issue is that poor health affects the development of the countries. In the following paragraphs, I shall put forward the causes and adverse effects of this problem.

There are two causes that generate a low quality of health. Firstly, and most importantly, the lack of knowledge about protecting, improving and keeping good health exists in some poor nations. They do not have a suitable diet and a healthy lifestyle. For example, some people believe that a diet which has meat and fish is the best way to improve their health and prevent diseases. However, a more balanced diet is critical. The second cause is a poor economy. Good economic conditions are important for taking care of health. In fact, the percentage of malnutrition in poor countries is higher than in rich countries.

A population with poor health significantly affects other parts of a country. First of all, the quality of the workforce is certain to decrease. This is followed by the low development of the economy. In addition, the quality of individual life is affected immediately because health is an important condition to enjoy a good life. Most people who have health problems get stress.

To sum up, the causes and effects of poor health seem to be cyclical. In fact, poor health results in a struggling economy which, in turn, causes poor health. In my opinion, the Government should provide the necessary health care services to improve the health of
the society.

Comment from ITP

This is a fantastic discussion of the problems related to poor health. I really like the idea of the "cyclical" consequences of poor health.