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"Cloning & Ethics/ Tuan Nguyen Minh & Sang Nguyen Hoang"

Human beings have been using technology to benefit themselves for a very long time. Recent advances in human cloning are raising questions as to its moral and legal validity. What are the likely reasons for pushing such biotechnology, and what are the likely outcomes of legalizing the cloning of people?

Technology has helped people so much to improve their lives and working conditions as well. Human cloning is one of numerous amazing developments created by scientists. There are some doubts about its ethical aspects and legality too. However, it brings us some considerable results, and the purpose of people's desires for cloning will be examined herein.

The demand for organ transplants is greatly increasing, therefore, bringing the satisfaction to the ones who want it is necessarily important. To meet the need for changing failed organs, some multinational companies, which have senior scientists, are trying to develop this technology for individuals who have organ problems. To be honest, this development does not benefit every dying person, instead the target market is wealthy people who need organ replacements, but do not want to wait for organ donations.

There are a lot of benefits from human cloning for people. One of them is humans' lives will be better. Wealthy people who have an organ problem will be treated faster and live longer than before. However, it is too expensive for most to purchase an organ from these companies. As a result, less wealthy people who also have damaged organs cannot replace them unless they have plenty of money which is also a cause of the increasing human rights gap.

In conclusion, duplicating people brings some advantages to select human beings such as wealthy people living longer, but it is not affordable for everyone, so this technology will further extend the human rights gap between the wealthy and poor.

Essay by Tuan Nguyen Tri & Sang Nguyen Hoang December 2014

Comment from ITP

This is an interesting discussion. Particularly, your investigation of issues related to cloning and the wealthy.