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"Health Care & Communicable Diseases/Phan Thi Hue"

Describe some problems and possible solutions for the health issues related to communicable disease.

The world we are living in now has to face many serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria. The problem is that we still cannot find any cures or medicines which can stop these deadly diseases effectively. Many people suggest that the most effective way to solve this conundrum is to create a process that helps people learn more about health. In my opinion, this is a solution that might provide many positive results for our civilisation.

The main contributing factor behind the rapid increase of these diseases is ignorance. I am really sure that if everyone could know clearly about the causes of HIV/AIDS and Malaria, it would be an extremely positive development. People might be able to prevent themselves from being infected in the first place and thus reduce the number of people who die because of these terrible illnesses.

By raising the awareness of people about communicable diseases and medical issues in general, we would not only reduce the number of people who get sick but we would also improve our health, such as the fact that our strength and stamina would improve by taking regular exercise or having a balanced diet. Therefore, our world would be better and the economies of many countries might be able to expand. One more thing is that if we launched these campaigns, it would connect many people together because we need to provide these health lessons all over the world.

One other solution is to use commercials. People now depend on technology so much. Consequently, we need to provide a great deal of advertisements and promotions regarding health problems and serious diseases. Then people can easily approach them and know how to live healthily.

To sum up, the government should spend more money on projects in which they make people more aware of infectious diseases. After all, prevention is better than cure. If we could stop people contracting these lethal sicknesses, we would all be better off.

Comment from ITP

This essay flows nicely, however, the reference to to the expansion of world economies requires further development.