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"Genetically Modified Agriculture / Duc, Dai"

GROUP: Vũ Đức, Lê Đức and Đoàn Đại

Many people feel that biotech crops offer more pros than cons. Others however feel it is too early to promote their use. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

These days, an exploding population is becoming more common in many countries. That has led to a great increase in demand for food while the productive land is getting smaller because of industrial development. Therefore, GMO foods have been created.

There are those who feel that it is too early to promote biotech crops' use because they have been created such a short time ago. There is not much scientific proof that ensures their benefits. Thus, they are viewed as a potential but not preferred solution for people's lives. Therefore, many people are unsure about the quality of GMO foods as well as the nutrition and vitamins they provide.

Still, GMO foods are an important scientific achievement in human history to resolve the demand for food. As a result of overpopulation and productive land restriction, many people do not have sufficient food to ensure quality of life. Food demand is the determining factor to maintain a good health for people's lives. For instance, in Vietnam in 1945, there was a huge number of people who died because of famine; in fact, a survey estimated that the total was one seventh of the population. Beyond that, climate change has become a serious problem for people all over the world as it is the main cause of natural disasters including drought, flooding, and hurricanes. As crops are grown in the fields, it is difficult or impossible to have a good harvest when the weather is extreme. Here GMOs have an advantage as they are more resistant to these kinds of extremes in climate and temperature.

Biotech crops have a lot of advantages compared to the disadvantages. If we do not promote GMO foods' use as soon as possible, it will be too late to solve the lack of food and we may run out of productive land in the near future.

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Comment from ITP

Your arguments are well supported with factual historical evidence. Well done.