Task2 - Health >> Government Spending on Healthcare

"Government Spending on Healthcare"

The government should spend more money on healthcare.

Do you agree?

As people go through their lives, quality healthcare is of great importance. Governments around the world are obliged to provide good medical services for the general public. While some people believe that the government should devote more financial resources to healthcare, others feel that this responsibility belongs more to individuals.

There are two main reasons why administrations need to allocate more money to healthcare. Firstly, the economy benefits from a healthy population. For example, a workforce free from disease or health problems can devote more energy to their daily working lives. They can work more efficiently and effectively. Secondly, people can live full lives if they are in good physical condition. Quality of life and general well being improves dramatically when people are healthy.

However, there are people who believe that individuals should take responsibility for their own personal health. They contend that every person in society is responsible for preventing illness and maintaining health. For example, people who are grossly obese often do not exercise, and, as a consequence, they become unhealthy. Their argument is that these obese or unhealthy individuals must take care of themselves.

To conclude, in my opinion, part of a government's responsibility involves assisting with the public's general health and well being. However, simply offering a cure to health problems is not the answer. If the government combines quality health care with an emphasis on individual responsibility for personal health, the general public will enjoy better lives.