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"Rushing to Stress/Haste & Health"

Many medical professionals believe that stress has significant adverse impacts on health.

What are the causes and effects of stress?

What is your opinion on the health impacts of stress?

Modern lifestyles can be particularly stressful. In today's world we are required to achieve more with the same amount of allocated time. The consequence of hurried lifestyles is stress, and this condition has significant harmful impacts.

More often than not, stress results from squeezing too much into one day. Now, a ten hour workday is fairly common, and many employees are laboring 7 days a week. In addition to work commitments, people are often engaged in education and training to top up their skills and knowledge so that they can keep progressing in their workplaces. Moreover, the average worker has family obligations including children and elderly parents who also demand time and energy. The result of all this is that people are living in a permanent state of haste. The pressure to satisfy all of the above commitments results in stress.

Doctors believe that stress kills more people than any other cause. When people experience stress, their heart rates can increase. These cardio irregularities eventually create conditions that can lead to heart attacks. In fact, cardiologists have conducted studies on heart attack victims and have concluded that these individuals have one thing in common; a tendency to be in a chronic rush.

My opinion is that stressful situations should be avoided at all costs. There are limits to what can be achieved in one day, and everyone needs to find the time to relax and take care of themselves. If people continue to rush from one activity to the next, they will never find the time to relax and smell the roses.