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"Ameliorating Obesity/ Thy, Tram, Linh & Nhung/ Deissy"

Topic: There has been a noticeable increase in the average weight of people in some countries. In your opinion, what are the reasons for this weight increase and what is a good solution for the problem?

In recent years, nutritionists have warned that the number of obese people has escalated over the globe. This has become a worrying trend that many nations are confronting. There are several reasons why obesity is on the rise and some viable solutions to this problem.

The major factor contributing to obesity is the appetite for fast food. This food contains redundant saturated fats, lipids and cholesterol. Consequently, cholesterol levels in the blood increases, and people thus may contract obesity. To prevent people from intaking junk food frequently, governments should impose greater tax rates on fast food. In this way, businesses entering this field are forced to increase prices which discourages the demand for their products. Another remedy is to educate children from an early age by inviting dietitians to present healthy and balanced diets at schools. They can be encouraged to distinguish which types of food are harmful to their bodies.

Obesity is also a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. The use of computers is obviously ubiquitous, and many people therefore spend a lot of time on computers. Correspondingly, they do less exercise, and become susceptible to obesity. One measure is to organize sport competitions, which can be an incentive to aid students to engage in sports. The authorities can also stimulate educational campaigns to raise public awareness about healthy lifestyles and the health risks of gaining weight. It is a feasible solution to participate in outdoor activities to keep fit and healthy.

In conclusion, there are various culprits of weight gain including greed for processed food and inactive lifestyles. Better health education and sporting competitions are needed to solve this issue. Both authorities and individuals should take responsibility for preventing this obesity epidemic.

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Tống Duy Thy
Nguyễn Thị Bích Trâm
Trần Thuỳ Vân Linh
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