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"Health & Financial Responsibility/Thao, Thanh & Thanh/ Terry"

Without a doubt, health care services have brought to our society incredible benefits. However, there are a variety of different perspectives on the question whether governments or individual organizations should bear responsibility for community wellness services. In my point of view, before answering this question, people need to have informed awareness not only about the benefits but also the restrictions of private wellness enterprises.

Private healthcare services are a favorable option for patients for several reasons. If people go to private hospitals, they are served by appropriate services and fast medical treatment. The main reason is that shareholders or owners run the business with a large capital which is possible to invest in not only equipment but also staff. Therefore, all transactions including operations and medicine prescribed by doctors are implemented rapidly and effectively. Moreover, thanks to strong finance, private health institutions are able to recruit highly qualified doctors and nurses who are experienced and professional in particular sectors. Hence, patients are taken care of carefully and it is possible for them to recover quickly.

Despite the positive outcomes, individual healthcare has a few drawbacks. Firstly, it has limited health conditions because some appointments and treatments are not covered by the many polices required. Indeed, although private health insurance supports the patient's with lower prices, it does not assist with long-term injury. In addition, many health care providers are cutting back on the number of services and rising costs as a result of constantly rising premiums which is the effect of annual growth in economic inflation.

All things considered, health care services provided by private companies have enormous advantages. However, in order to ensure healthy conditions for the whole community, hospitals and other health related institutions should be also provided by governments.

Comment from ITP

You have explored the economic implications associated with providing health care effectively. Nice work!