Task2 - Health >> Health Issues for Wealthy & Poor Countries/ Hau, Hoa, Huy/ Terry

"Health Issues for Wealthy & Poor Countries/ Hau, Hoa, Huy/ Terry"

Affluent nations and developing countries experience different health problems.Discuss the causes and effects of these health issues and suggest some possible solutions.

In today's society, health is one of the topics worth discussing in many nations, especially, in the first and third world. They have experienced various health issues because of their personal habits. There are a number of reasons causing this problem and each one needs to be dealt with in particular ways in order to prevent some adverse influences.

In rich nations, lifestyle seems to be a principal cause of health problems. This is because people who live in affluent countries are too busy working. Therefore, they do not have enough time for preparing their daily meals, so fast food and junk food are their first choices. These foods are detrimental for people's health due to cholesterol and sugars which are contained in these types of foods. And then, this leads to some latent diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. These illnesses are widespread in the well-off nations instead of less well-off nations.

It is obvious that the governments and citizens of poorer countries are facing many different kinds of health issues. The main cause of illness is the lack of fresh clean water resources which are absolutely necessary for people's daily lives. In fact, water is used not only for drinking, but also to cook or prepare meals for the family. Consequently, these poor people easily get some intestinal diseases like dysentery, cholera or diarrhea. The second reason for health issues in less well-off nations is the quality and quantity of available food which are often inadequate for people. This is a cause of the malnutrition problem in poor countries. It is common to see that people in the third world always have smaller bodies and are weaker compared with citizens in wealthy countries.

It can thus be concluded that both first and third world countries should be educated about healthy lifestyles and suitable diet. In detail, developed nations need to improve the awareness of their population regarding balanced lifestyles. What is more, in less well-off nations, the authorities should provide enough food and fresh water for human-beings in order to guard against the continuous increase of undernourished people.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion of the health issues related to developed and developing countries. Some great synonymous language for developed: "affluent", "first world", "rich nations", "affluent countries", "well-off nations". Some great synonymous language for developing: " third world", "poorer countries", "poor people", "less well off nations"