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"Health Problems Causes & Effects"


What are the causes and effects of the health problems facing the world today?

Mankind has had to deal with disease since the beginning of time. However, in contemporary society, the incidence of serious disease seems to be increasing. It is true that many of these health problems are closely related to modern lifestyles.

In today's world, people in both developed and developing countries live in a completely different society to our ancestors. The first major difference is population density. At one point in history, the human race was sparsely spread throughout the world's continents. These days, the majority of the world's people are crammed together in crowded cities. These living environments are often polluted and poorly sanitized which creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and viruses to thrive. As a consequence, diseases such as influenza, cholera and bird flu are increasingly common in slums of megacities around the world.

The second major cause of disease throughout the modern world is lifestyle. Both work and play in today's world involve significantly less activity. For example, a significant amount of the workforce is stuck at a desk behind a computer. Moreover, many people choose computer generated entertainment for their free time. A consequence of this sedentary lifestyle is, of course, a lack of exercise which leads to many health problems.

To conclude, the two most substantial reasons for the majority of health problems suffered by people in modern societies are the population explosion in urban areas and a lack of adequate exercise. Perhaps the best way to avoid these problems is to live an outdoor lifestyle in a clean, rural area.