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"Health Problems Causes & Effects"

What are the causes and effects of the health problems facing the world today?

We live in the era of amazing scientific breakthroughs. We are at the cutting edge of human evolution. Yet, we are not impervious to diseases. Diseases which have evolved along side us are partly fueled by our own action of preventing them. The world stands before another great pandemic, just lurking outside of our doorsteps.

Anyone would remember the outbreak of the Black Death. It killed nearly the entire population of Europe at that time. It caused momentous problems, from health itself to religious aspects and even economic upheavals. The Black Death pushed Europe back 150 years. Our world nowadays, faces diseases to a lesser degree but on a daily basis, more frequent than ever before.

Viruses-the seeds of health destruction- were planted into our world in great numbers. With the act of producing antibodies and vaccines from viruses, sometimes, somewhere, things will get out of hand. We created not just our cure but unknowingly a better, stronger and more powerful breed of virus. We helped them evolve. H5N1, AIDS/HIV and even cancer-the deadliest of all-are the results of our actions.

However, not all diseases are caused by viruses. Some came to this world because of our lust and taste buds. Obesity and cardiovascular diseases for instance are caused by our greed for food. Though the virus factor was present, it only acted as a catalyst. It was our way of living our life through our modern luxuries without paying attention to our health that caused diseases to appear.

In general, humans have gone a long way from living in caves. However, we created monsters. The more advanced our society becomes, the more deadly it is towards us. Can the future medical system cope with the increasing risk of a pandemic? We do not know what the future may hold, but we know, a "Godzilla" of a virus is out there, biding its time, waiting to strike.

Comment from ITP

You are a very creative writer Thong. This essay has made me think deeply about an uncertain future where viruses could take over the world, a very disturbing thought.