Task2 - Health >> Increased Consumption of Fast Food/ Huynh Truong Thinh/ Ben

"Increased Consumption of Fast Food/ Huynh Truong Thinh/ Ben"

Topic: The increasing availability of fast food is having an effect on people's health. Who should take responsibility for this problem and what can they do to solve it?

In recent years, fast food has become very popular all around the world. This is a serious problem which is affecting people's health now. However, the responsibility not only belongs to the government but also individuals, who must be aware of this serious issue. All parties should decide on some solutions to protect people's health.

Firstly, responsibility should be taken by the government because they allow a lot of fast food companies to advertise their products. Actually, people believe in the quality of fast food and eat it. It contains a lot of sugar, salt and fat in a piece of chicken which is a cause of heart disease. The governments have to control and increase taxes on fast food and then companies will probably improve their product quality.

In addition, a large number of consumers are young people. Their parents actually cannot very clearly know the ingredients of fast food and they feed their children on KFC or Mc Donalds every day. The terrible result is the increased number of children who are over 60kgs when they are just 6 years old. Parents have the main responsibility for preparing their children' meals. They should spend more time cooking meals and teaching their children how to eat fast food in a moderate way.

Furthermore, a group of people who are also vital for fast food addicts are experts in nutrition. They can share their useful knowledge so that people abusing junk food will control their eating habits.

In conclusion, fast food is convenient for busy people, but it is not really healthy and cannot be an alternative to the main nutrients in food. Governments, parents and individuals should take responsibility for controlling the increased consumption of fast food.

Truong Thinh Huynh

Comment from ITP

Great essay. Good synonymous language for reason/result: effect, the terrible result, affecting, a cause of, so that