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"Legal & Illegal Drugs"

Legal drug usage is a part of many societies. However, in today's world many young people are using illegal drugs. Some sociologists claim that when elders use legal drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol, they often set a bad example. As a consequence of this example, many young people are using illegal drugs.

To what extent do you agree?

In many societies around the world drug use is an accepted part of daily life. Legal drugs are consumed socially by many members of the community. Unfortunately, the young people of these communities are using illegal drugs at an increasing rate. Some people in the community feel that legal drug use by adults has no influence on the use of drugs by young people. However, I strongly believe that this behavior emanates from the examples set by adults.

Legal drugs are a common and accepted phenomenon in most modern communities. For example, coffee, tobacco and alcohol are consumed in large quantities in many countries around the world. In Australia, alcohol has become an intrinsic part of almost every social gathering. We drink at sporting events, dinner parties, weddings and most everyday get-togethers. In fact, when Australian youths reach the age of 18, they are encouraged to drink, and sometimes they feel obliged to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. This has become a social norm and is often a consequence of the examples set by the elders of these youths.
It is true that alcohol is a legal drug, however, its usage could lead to the assumption that all drugs are relatively harmless. For example, a young person that sees his/her parents drinking on a regular basis; often to the point of intoxication, might easily conclude that the consumption of illegal drugs is also acceptable. For a young person, being intoxicated or being affected by illegal drugs such as ecstasy or amphetamines might be one and the same thing.

In my opinion, communities that are comfortable with the excessive consumption of legal drugs present a dangerous example to young people. They are saying that it is alright to drink until you drop but do not touch other illegal drugs. As a result, young people often find it difficult to distinguish between what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in relation to drug use. Parents should set positive examples for their children when it comes to the usage of legal drugs so that young people can make confident and informed decisions about their usage of illegal drugs.