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"Obesity Causes & Solutions"

There has been a noticeable increase in the average weight of people in some countries.

In your opinion, what are the reasons for this weight increase and what is a good solution for the problem?

In most countries around the world the number of people suffering from obesity is on the rise. Average weights in both developing and developed countries are increasing significantly due to a variety of causes.

There are two main reasons for this obesity crisis. Firstly, the diets of many people are problematic. Today, fast food is tremendously popular due to its convenience. However, this processed food is high in sugar and fat which are considerable contributors to obesity. Secondly, people are living a more sedentary lifestyle preferring to sit in front of computers or televisions for the majority of their free time as opposed to engaging themselves in exercise.

To deal with obese people, the government should employ two solutions. Firstly, the community needs to be educated about positive dietary habits. Information on balancing food groups and eating in moderation should be made available to schoolchildren and their parents. The second solution involves stricter controls on the food industry. One method would be to demand that the producers of food properly label their products so that people can make informed decisions about what they are eating. For example, information about the fat content of hamburgers needs to be clearly displayed in fast food outlets.

To conclude, waistlines around the world are expanding exponentially as a consequence of poor food choices and slovenly lifestyles. The government is obliged to step in, and educate the public about the dangers of unhealthy living.

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