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"Antibiotics & Superbugs"

Many new types of bacteria are appearing in the world today and these superbugs are often resistant to antibiotics.

Why are the bacteria appearing?

What can be done to tackle the health problems that these bacteria cause?

Throughout human history, the deadliest enemy of mankind has been bacteria. People are adversely affected by bacteria every day, and every person on the planet must be conscious of the dangers that bacteria present. Even more concerning is the appearance of the modern superbug.

Significant advances in the field of medicine have occurred over the last century. Perhaps the greatest advance has been the discovery and implementation of antibiotics. However these achievements do come with a downside. Because doctors have been prescribing antibiotics for most common infections, bacterium has built a level of resistance to this medication over time. In fact, today there are superbugs that are completely unaffected by common antibiotics.

One example of a relatively common superbug is golden staph otherwise known as Staphyloccocus aureus. This bacterium has developed resistance against antibiotics which means that when a person has a staph infection, standard treatments are ineffectual. If the infection progresses to the bloodstream, there is a 30% chance that the health problem will be fatal. Medical professionals believe that this superbug has become increasingly stronger because of exposure to antibiotics. The bug has learnt how to resist and defeat the healing properties of antibiotics.

To deal with this particular superbug it is recommended that people observe strict hygienic practices. The bacterium exists on our skin, so open wounds must be disinfected in a timely way. Another way to ameliorate the problem is to avoid excessive usage of antibiotics. The superbug needs to be exposed to antibiotics before it can build resistance.

To conclude, bacterium is all around us, but superbugs present a more significant problem. An awareness of the presence of bacteria and adherence to standard hygienic practices will keep you safe from the superbugs.