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"Psychological Attitude to Health"

A patient's psychological attitude to medical treatment is critical in ensuring the success of that treatment.

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Belief in ourselves is an important psychological tool for achieving success. Belief is also critical for people who are suffering from poor health. While some people believe that mental attitude is essential for healing, others feel that the quality of the treatment is the most influential component in the healing process.

Belief in our ability to overcome illness is very necessary. Not only children with common colds, but also people with serious diseases require a positive outlook to ensure complete recovery. For example, a patient undergoing cancer treatment must have the belief that his/her health will improve. Moreover, it takes incredible willpower for cancer patients to endure the long, painful treatment. These medical processes can only be dealt with successfully if the patient is confident about his or her chances of returning to good health.

However, some in the community, particularly health care professionals, feel that people can only be cured through quality health care. They believe that health care facilities, health care treatments and health care professionals are the deciding factors in the success of medical services.

In my opinion, a combination of confidence and effective treatment is essential for the recovery of the ill. If good health care is supported with a positive outlook, the chances of recovery are heightened.

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