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"Solutions for Obesity"

There has been a noticeable increase in the average weight of people in some countries. In your opinion, what are the reasons for this weight increase and what is a good solution for the problem?

Nowadays, in many countries over the world, specifically developed nations, the rate of obesity has increased rapidly. Indeed, this is the result of a diversity of causes. In this essay, the reasons for people being overweight will be discussed and solutions for them will be offered.

There are numerous reasons why people are becoming overweight. Perhaps the most critical of these is the unhealthy diet of people. For example, fast food, which contains a large percentage of sugar, salt and cholesterol, has been abused over recent decades because many people think that it is "fashionable" and time-saving. Another cause of the rise in the average weight of people is the sedentary lifestyle in which the human's energy has been agglomerated by sitting in front of computers or televisions for a long time without activities.

Education is extremely important for improving the obesity problem. The governments are obliged to show all of the harmful consequences of unhealthy diets for people, specifically for children and their parents, before educating them on how to evaluate the nutritious substances in their meals. Furthermore, people should spend more time on exercising and social activities to balance their lives and become physically attractive.

Taking everything into account, as a result of the upward trend of the obesity rate around the world, the future of our community is in danger. However, there are practical solutions which can be taken. Specifically, people should be educated about the harms of unhealthy dietary habits while the states should encourage their people to concentrate on doing exercises. If the governments take this issue seriously, it can be solved.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion of the reasons for and the solutions related to obesity. Some good academic language for cause/effect- reasons, the result of, cause, harmful consequences, as a result of