Task2 - Health >> Causes & Effects of Poor Health/ Nga, Ngoc, Hien, Nhung/ Vanessa

"Causes & Effects of Poor Health/ Nga, Ngoc, Hien, Nhung/ Vanessa"

What are the causes and effects of the health problems facing the world today?

Over the last few years, people often lack exercise, eat lots of junk food and are affected by the environment. There are many causes for health problems, and they are closely related to our modern lifestyle. In this essay, I am going to discuss in more detail what these causes and effects are and give some possible measures to take on this issue.

Obesity is the biggest problem in the world these days. This is caused by a lack of exercise and eating lots of fast food. Nowadays, people tend to eat junk food because they can save a lot of time. However, this food contains fats and cholesterol that make people overweight if they eat it regularly. In addition, people are very busy in their work, so they do not have time for outdoor activities. People, who do not have balanced diets and do not participate in physical exercise, will become obese. These are two crucial reasons that result in obesity.

Recently, respiratory diseases are one of the health problems that people have to deal with. The environment is being polluted because lots of factories are being built. It leads to the release of chemicals which brings about air pollution. As a result, when the air is polluted, it affects our health. Therefore, we will get respiratory diseases if we breathe lots of poison each day. What is more, smoking is also the main reason that gives rise to health problems that people face today. For instance, when we smoke too much, it results in lung cancer which is really dangerous for us. We have to waste money to treat this disease, but we are not sure that it can be treated.

My conclusion is that the government ought to introduce measures to improve people's health through the media like TV and newspapers. At school, children should be taught about the consequences of eating fast food. Moreover, the government could certainly put more effort into reducing environmental problems. They could introduce laws to limit emissions from companies.

Comment from ITP

This essay is very well structured. The first body paragraph presents two main reasons for one significant health problem (obesity) while the second body paragraph details two main reasons for another health problem (respiratory diseases). Well done!