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"Urbanization & the Environment"

All over the world more and more people are moving to urban areas. This is causing a variety of environmental and social problems. Consequently, governments should encourage people to live in rural areas.

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Urbanization is a process that many countries are currently experiencing. Particularly, developing countries where cities offer many opportunities that are often unavailable in rural areas. While some people believe that urbanization is inevitable, others contend that rural areas are a better alternative for expanding populations.

The world is becoming an increasingly urbanized place. People are moving to cities for several reasons. Firstly, urban areas often provide better employment opportunities. For example, many big cities around the world are centers for business and manufacturing. Secondly, urban areas are usually the centers for knowledge and learning. The best schools and universities are almost always located in the metropolis. Thirdly, cities have better health facilities. The convenience of having quality hospitals close by is an important reason for many people wanting to move to the city.

Unfortunately, environmental problems have resulted from this urban expansion. Green belt areas that surround our cities are under stress. These areas provide food and water for the inhabitants of the city, but the city itself is encroaching on these lands. As a consequence, basic resources are being sourced from further afield which has additional adverse impacts on the environment.

Furthermore, overpopulation is causing many problems for our cities. More people require more houses, roads and other infrastructure. It is difficult, if not impossible for many local governments to provide adequate facilities for expanding populations.

Therefore, governments should encourage people to live in rural areas. They can do this by encouraging business leaders to expand their operations into the country which, in turn, will facilitate employment. If governments do not make rural areas more attractive, cities will continue expanding to a breaking point.

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