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"Private Vehicle's Policy"

Cars should be banned from the city center.

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Effective transportation plays an important role in our modern cities. We need a combination of public and private transportation types for our cities to function effectively. Motor vehicles have become a critical part of the transportation mix in modern cities. However, many people believe that the disadvantages of private vehicles far outweigh the advantages. They believe that cars should be banned from the central business district of cites.

People who support banning cars from our city centers have two main reasons. Firstly, they believe that cars do not provide an efficient method of transport for crowded city centers. For example, in many cities cars create traffic jams. This is mainly because many vehicles are carrying only one passenger. In contrast, a bus or a train can carry many people. If people were encouraged to leave their cars outside of cities and catch a train or bus into the city center, there would be less traffic jams, as more people could take advantage of public transportation.

The second reason why cars should be banned from cities is related to the availability of space. Vehicle related infrastructure such as roads and parking spaces consume much of a city's valuable real estate. In fact, it is estimated that in the city of Los Angeles approximately 30% of the city's space is devoted to the car. This space could be used for parks, gardens or other important public infrastructure. If people were prohibited from bringing their cars into the city center, more space would become available.

In conclusion, many people depend on their cars to commute into the central business district, however, this dependence could be nullified if governments provided better public transport options for commuters. Cars should be banned from city centers and this would be made possible with better provision of public transportation by governments.

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