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"Government Spending/Phat"

Topic: A country's first duty to its citizens is to protect them. Therefore, it is logical that defense should take up a significant proportion of the national budget. Do you agree or disagree?

Among the top matters about which governments need to be concerned with, is the question as to how a government should spend the national budget. This always appears to be a serious issue. Effectively, although each government has a different priority order, many believe that it is sensible for a large amount of money from the budget to be spent on defense. There are, however, arguments both for and against this allocation of funding.

On the one hand, the supporters are probably convinced that using the national budget this way can bring a number of benefits. On top of everything, the nation will have a strong enough army force and therefore can protect people from being attacked by foreign enemies. One additional plus point can be that with applying such a policy on the national budget, people will feel safer. Consequently, they will probably support their government more.

Even so, others fail to support the spending of the national budget like this, fearing the problems that may arise can be unpredictable. Above all, a country spending a great deal of money on defense may cause their neighbor to feel threatened and as usual, they are forced to increase the defense budget, which will certainly lead to an arms race in the region in particular and in the world as whole in the future. Besides that, nations may lack money for other important fields when the budget focuses too much on defense, for in comparison to education, health and infrastructure, people receive fewer direct benefits from the growth of defense.

Taking into consideration every point made by each side of the argument, it appears that there are no easy means to decide which is more plausible. For that reason, I suggest that each government should, on their own, commit a definitive proportion of the national budget on defense because they are the only ones that understand which choice is better for the country.

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Some great sentence structures here. This would score very highly in grammar. Well done