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"The City Is Out Of Control"

The human race has made significant progress in the last 100 years.
Where do you think we have made the most progress, and where do you feel there is still lots of work left to be done?

In 100 years, our cities have become one of the most iconic achievements of the human race. The cities may have changed, but is it for the better or worse? Let us look at the pros and cons.

In the 1900s, cities were still small. The people got around by walking or by carriages towed by horses. Horses usually leave "presents" for unknowing pedestrians and that was not a pretty sight. It was unhygienic and unhealthy for people. Ever since the industrialization happened, cities around the world have changed dramatically. Cars are roaming the streets and Skyscrapers are reaching for the sky. Cities became bigger, busier and more densely packed with people. From old scrawny buildings made out of bricks to huge flashy skyscrapers made out of metal and glass. We have come a long way.

However, while cities nowadays are still continuing to grow out of control, the slums are getting bigger and bigger. We are faced with a scary future of mega cities. Those cities can be as big as Florida and it will provide space for hundreds of millions of people. We will face daunting tasks of keeping that amount of people in an area that large, which is exactly why we have to act now. Pollution caused by cities nowadays are enough of a headache, we have to put a stop to that. A population outbreak leads to unemployment and homeless people, we need to find a solution for that, too.

As cities around the world became bigger, more complex and more beautiful, we really have to pay attention to the downsides as well. We cannot turn our blind eyes on this subject because there is still lots of work left to be done.

Comment from ITP

Another good essay Thong. You are exactly right. The unchecked growth of cities is a dilemma for everyone.