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"Water is Life/ Pham Ngoc Anh"

Some people say that government should make the use of water free. Do you agree or disagree

In recent years, the water supply is becoming an issue of great concern in many nations. There are widely differing views on the question of whether fresh water should be free or not and there has been a heated debate. In my point of views, I am incurring a financial value on water. However, each viewpoint has its rationale. In this essay, I will try to investigate both sides of this issue.

On the one hand, there is no denying that free water can bring benefits for some striking reasons. One thing that is of great significance is that water supplies should be paid for by tax payments. In fact, it would save a huge amount of money if people use water without incurring a cost. Another equally essential consideration is that private businesses do not have a right to profit from this natural resource. There is an obvious fact that if people can access clean water, their health will get healthier. To be more precise, they are more likely to avoid some fundamental illnesses related to the stomach and outer skin.

In contrast, it seems to be not reasonable when water is free. There is no doubt that water supply systems are extremely pricy, so it could be impossible if the government had to pay for everyone at no cost. It is clear that if we have to pay for water spending, we will restrict the waste water as much as possible. Another argument put forward is that water services require a high standard of quality,therefore, private companies may be a better choice than the government. Moreover, it also creates more job opportunities for citizens.

From what has been discussed above, we may draw the conclusion that water is one of the most necessary natural resources which people really need to use in their lives. I personally believe that it should not be free because everyone has a responsibility when they use water. It would work effectively if water supply services were charging a reasonable price in each country.

Comment from ITP

Great essay. Many people do not fully understand the value of water. Your essay helps in the understanding of this value.