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"Urbanization & Multiculturalism"

The process of urbanization leads to groups of people with different cultures living very close to each other. What problems does this cause? How do you think these problems could be solved?

The migration of multicultural groups to urban areas is increasing at a rapid rate throughout the world. Immigrants from a variety of countries and ethnic backgrounds are drawn to the metropolis in search of employment, better education and quality health care services. However, this melting pot of cultures can present some challenges.

Overcrowding is the obvious issue created by mass immigration. Some of the biggest cities in the world are facing significant problems associated with population density. Slums are often the result of many impoverished people migrating to big cities with the hope of finding a job. Unfortunately, not all of these unemployed people are successful, and many of them are forced to live on the fringes of these megacities in sub-standard conditions, otherwise known as slums. The consequent social issues of crime and disease are directly related to these appalling living conditions.

Intolerance through lack of cultural sensitivity is the next big problem. If people are living in close proximity to immigrants from differing nationalities and ethnicities they may have some difficulty understanding their neighbours. One good example of this is the language barrier. Communication between people of varying ethnic groups can be almost impossible unless they share a common language.

Alleviating the problems related to multicultural communities is a difficult task, however, there is a solution. Education is the answer. New immigrants and people living in cities with significant immigrant representations need language education to bridge the gap. A common tongue is necessary to enable better interactions between locals and foreigners as well as allowing everyone in a multicultural community to understand and accept cultural difference.