Task2 - Infrastructure >> Urbanization & Population Density

"Urbanization & Population Density"

The process of urbanization leads to lots of people living very close to each other? What problems can this cause?

How can these problems be solved?

Our world is becoming increasingly urbanized. In fact, mass migration from rural to urban areas is occurring in most countries around the world. Unfortunately, there is limited space in our cities which means that people are being forced to live in closer proximity to each other. There are a range of problems related to the density of urban populations which require thoughtful solutions.

Social problems can occur as the result of overcrowding in cities. When people are living in densely populated urban areas, the surrounding urban habitat can cause stress for its inhabitants. Perhaps the greatest dilemma is that of noise pollution. Different people live their lives in different ways. For example, some people work night shifts and others work regular hours. Some people have small children while others are living alone. These varying lifestyles create excessive noise levels at inappropriate times. To ameliorate the issue of noise pollution in crowded cities, there needs to be properly defined standards of behaviour in terms of acceptable noise levels.

Another significant dilemma faced by people living in overcrowded cities is traffic congestion. As megacities grow, more and more people need to be transported with limited infrastructure. In fact, it is extremely difficult for governments to provide transport infrastructure for large populations. We must remember that many of our cities were built in the 19th century which means that road and public transport systems have been unable to develop along with population growth. The administrators of metropolitan areas need to have long term transport infrastructure planning that considers the needs of future densely populated areas.

To conclude, the problems associated with dense urban populations will undoubtedly be exacerbated in the future. If governments monitor population growth, and implement effective urban planning policies, our cities will be more liveable for city dwellers.