Task2 - Lifestyle

Title : Week 1 Lifestyle Speaking Prompts

PART 1 INTRODUCTORY QUESTIONS Good morning/afternoon. My name is _____________. Can you tell... (Continue reading)

Title : Week 1 Lifestyle T2 Prompts

Week 1 Lifestyle T2 Prompts 1 Some people believe that hard work and determination is the key t... (Continue reading)

Title : Foreign Cultures

If people go to live in another country, they should follow the customs and traditions of the new co... (Continue reading)

Title : Professions Versus Vocations

Too much emphasis is now placed on going to university for academic study. We should encourage more ... (Continue reading)

Title : Hard Work vs Other Factors

Some people believe that hard work and determination are the key to success in life. However, others... (Continue reading)

Title : Balancing Work & Play

These days, lifestyles seem to be getting busier and busier. Is it possible to balance work and play... (Continue reading)

Title : Corporations & Social Responsibility

Many people are of the opinion that the corporate and business world's responsibilities extend beyon... (Continue reading)

Title : The Media & the Individual

The media has a huge influence on our lives today. Some people believe that we are no longer making ... (Continue reading)

Title : Zombies in the Mega-Mall

There have been recent reports of Zombies frequenting the mega malls. What is a Zombie? Have you see... (Continue reading)

Title : Advertising & Persuassion

Today advertising is everywhere. How do advertisers encourage people to buy more? What are some nega... (Continue reading)