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"Consumer Consumption"

Some people believe that governments encourage unnecessary consumption, while others feel that spending is important to maintain economic growth.

What is your opinion?

Today, many societies are consumer societies. In these communities, citizens are encouraged to consume through mass market commercialization. Moreover, governments stimulate consumption in order to promote economic growth. While some people believe that mass consumption is an important part of the modern society, others contend that much of this consumption is superfluous to the needs of the citizens themselves.

Governments, manufacturers, retailers and advertisers are all in the consumer business. They all have one common goal which is to create demand for goods and services. Manufacturers, advertisers and retailers need people to buy their products, and governments believe that this demand is important for continued economic growth. The current school of economic thinking fears that without economic growth the economy would stall and eventually deteriorate. An unstable economy could have serious consequences for everyone in the community.

However, there are two main reasons why unabated economic growth is dangerous for our society. Firstly, there are limited resources available for unchecked economic growth. For example, half of the world's tropical forests have already been cleared. In Brazil, the Amazon jungle is being destroyed so that farmers can raise cattle to serve the insatiable American appetite for beef. If deforestation continues at its present rate, there will be no rainforests left for our grandchildren. Secondly, an ongoing emphasis on growth requires increased productivity. This determination to produce involves increasing demands on labor resources. Consequently, workers are being asked to produce more and more which ultimately involves greater workloads. It is fair to say that in some societies workers have become enslaved to the ideal of increased productivity and are living to work not working to live.

To summarize, economies are complex constructions and cannot be dismantled easily. However, there is a need to temper economic growth, as the world's resources are limited and diminishing quickly. I strongly believe that governments should discourage rampant consumption and, at the same time, find effective ways to restructure our economies.

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