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"Job Satisfaction versus Salary"

Some people feel that financial success is the most important aspect of their working lives while others believe that job satisfaction is the priority when working.

What is your opinion?

The majority of people in the world spend a significant part of their lives working for a living. Jobs, careers and various professions account for a large portion of our lifetimes. Because of this, much consideration has been given to the quality of our working lives. While some people contend that financial success is the most important component of work, I strongly believe that job satisfaction is the major priority when choosing and undertaking a career.

Many workers consider money to be the main motivation for work. It is true that most people in the world have responsibilities for families and for themselves. Consequently, financial considerations are paramount when choosing employment. For example, in many countries, bankers receive large incomes for lending money. This type of job is well paid, however, it can hardly provide much satisfaction.

In contrast, teachers around the world are usually paid a very small income. In some cases the people who teach our children are paid significantly less than the people who lend money. Educators often take a low salary because they get great satisfaction from helping children to grow intellectually. It is tremendously satisfying for them to watch the fruits of their labor flower and blossom. For teachers, job satisfaction is definitely more important than financial reward.

In summary, job satisfaction and financial reward are both significant aspects of our working lives. In my opinion, spending such a significant part of my life working, means that happiness in the workplace is top priority. I would love to be rich, but I would prefer to be happy.

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