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"Advertising & Consumerism/ Di, Bich, Chau, Ngoc, Anh"


GROUP: Ngọc Châu, Bích, Ngọc Anh and Di

Some people think that advertisements introduce what people really need. Others believe that the content in advertisements does not reflect the true desires of consumers. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We are living in a consumer society; therefore, advertisements play an essential role in making decision about consumption. Some people propose that thanks to adverts many new products are introduced to the public as necessities for their lives. However, others claim that not all of the advertised goods satisfy actual demand. In this essay, I will identify why we should be cautious about what we advertise in order to help consumers attain the best choice.

On the one hand, many businesses tend to put profit before ethics and they have manufactured and released numerous unnecessary consumer goods which have even worse quality and shorter durability than old versions. Furthermore, almost all products are overstated when marketed. Take mobile phones as an example. Particularly, Apple has created more than 5 versions of the IPhone up to now and spent a massive amount for marketing to make their smart phones an inseparable part of our lives. So the question is "Do we really need all these items which have the same functions but with only a little modification in design?"

On the other hand, consumerists state that they can keep up with current trends and update themselves due to promotion and marketing. They also point out that they will have a variety of options when advanced gadgets are launched. As a result of the diversity of goods and gadgets, the price will be diminished because of the competition among firms which, in turn, will benefit consumers.

As analyzed above, adverts should only be considered as assistance when making a new purchase. Buyers must decide what they would like to purchase based on their true desires and needs. Consumers would be better off if the government would be strict with the content of ads and promotions.

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Comment from ITP

An excellent example given to support your idea in the first body paragraph. The idea of diversity of product choice needs more development in the second body paragraph.