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"Advertising & Consumption"

The only purpose of advertising is to create unnecessary consumption.

To what extent do you agree?

In the 21 century, people are familiar with the advertisements on TV, in the newspaper, or on the internet because of their effectiveness and convenience. However, manufacturers are under pressure to find profit for their companies to maintain the businesses or avoid losing money. As a consequence, some advertising is immoral and untrue in today's society. There are two sides to this issue that we need to consider.

The adverts sometimes exaggerate the quality of products. We are living in the age of digital technology, so making a powerful or a beautiful advertisement to impress customers by the support of computers has become easier. Consequently, customers usually spend their money to buy unnecessary products and waste their money because of their emotions. In addition, many advertisements violate ethics by providing uneducated or truth distorting information. For example, to attract people to pay attention to the products, the company or the advertising maker adds some sexual content or violent information to attract customers. In this way, it is possible to influence the awareness of children or their actions.

On the other hand, advertising also brings benefits to human life. Thanks to advertisements, customers are able to compare the quality or price of many products at the same time. It is effortless and convenient which is different to the past as people would go to the markets or supermarkets for a long time to ask about the price or the quality of many kinds of products if they wanted to buy something. Moreover, there are also some ethical companies which advertise true information and provide useful background knowledge for customers when they show their advertisements. For instance, they give some guidance for customers to keep their health or avoid unhealthy lifestyles.

In conclusion, although advertising has some negative sides, we cannot deny the advantages of it for human life. To be honest, I somewhat agree with the statement, however we also can change this. The government should regulate the advertising law and punish everybody who advertises falsely, and we need to consider carefully when we are going to buy something from the advertising.

Comment from ITP

This is a great essay Phuc. You have some very complex sentence structures. A good discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of advertising. Remember "buyer beware".