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"Balancing Modern Lifestyles/Tu"


Topic:Some people think that modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past. However,others believe that children need to learn how to take care of themselves so that their parents will do the job well.

In the past few years, people have been living a bustling life with various things to do at work and at home. It causes a negative impact that children do not get as much consideration from their parents as in the past. Nevertheless, others think that it is necessary for the offspring to take responsibility for looking after themselves.

There are some reasons for this opinion. First of all, the parents need more time to do their jobs as well as possible. It is evident that in modern society, the demand of work's quality is very severe, and the workers have to try their best to respond to what the company needs. If they cannot take care of their children, it does not mean they are irresponsible. Further and even more important, though, the parents have to earn a lot of money to satisfy the living conditions of their family. This only happens when they do the job well, and they are appreciated by their boss.

By contrast, it is indispensable for offspring to receive as much care from their parents as possible. In fact, it helps children greatly in their study and their life. For example, children will be in a good mood when they and their parents spend more time doing some activities together and listening to each other in confidence, then they will discuss and seek the best way to deal with this.

From my point of view, working hard and making money is essential in up-to-day lifestyle. However, people need to know that they have to take responsibility for considering their children in order to support them in fields such as studying and working. Avoid making the offspring feel solitary and hopeless so that the relationship between family members is more and more close-knit.

Comment from ITP

Good essay Tu. This is a very important issue for families that requires much consideration.