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"Balancing Work & Play"

These days, lifestyles seem to be getting busier and busier.

Is it possible to balance work and play in today's world?

Are busy lifestyles detrimental to general health?

Contemporary life has become increasingly busy. There are only 24 hours in the day, but the demands on our time seem to have no limitations. Much consideration needs to be given in terms of the best way to balance work and play as there are adverse consequences related to lifestyle imbalances.

These days, there are many demands placed upon our time. Work accounts for a significant portion of our commitments. Most workplaces require employees to devote substantial amounts of their time to work. In some cases, 12 hour days are the standard, and workers may even be required to work these hours for 7 days a week.

However, it is possible to better manage time at work. The way to do this is to work smart. Much can be achieved in a short time period when employees are energized and focused. In fact, some people believe that a 40 hour work week: 8 hours per day, is sufficient. If there is more focus on the quality of work as opposed to the quantity of work completed, much can be achieved.

Of course, successfully managing work hours allows more time for relaxation. It is important for people to have time with family and friends. Moreover, allocating time for exercise is critical for every worker. In fact, a happy and healthy employee, that is a worker given adequate leisure time, is often more productive in the workplace. Unfortunately, if we do not get the balance right, stress can result, and it is common knowledge that stress is the greatest cause of health problems.

To conclude, if people can properly balance work and play, productivity in the workplace along with better health will be the reward.