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"Banning Cars from the CBD"


Cars should be banned from the city center.

What is your opinion?

Cars have become an indispensable form of transport for many people living in big cities. However, there are problems associated with the usage of the automobile. Some people believe that these problems would be ameliorated if cars were prohibited from the city center while others contend that vehicles should not be restricted in any way.

City centers are concentrated areas for employment, business, shopping and all other community activities. Consequently, people need to commute to and from the city center on a daily basis. In many cities the motor vehicle is the main form of transportation facilitating this commute. However, the increasing use of cars has resulted in significant problems. Cars require roads, parking spaces and energy which are resources in short supply. In particular, the current system of roads and highways inadequately deals with the quantity of vehicles resulting in serious traffic congestion. Moreover, cars are responsible for noise and air pollution which impact negatively on the quality of life in our cities.

Yet prohibiting vehicular entry into the central business districts will have some drawbacks. Convenience is the main advantage of the automobile. For example, a car would allow a business person to travel anywhere at any time. This freedom is often essential for the smooth operation of business. Moreover, public transport systems are often lacking in many of the world's biggest cities which means that there are no reasonable alternatives to the motor vehicle.

In conclusion, it is my belief that the increasing use of motor vehicles has resulted in significant problems for our cities. Restricting automobiles from the center of cities would address these issues, however, this solution would need to include the provision of better public transport services.

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