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"City Versus Country"

Task 2 Model Answer

"It is better to live in the city than the country"

Do you agree?

People inhabit a variety of regions around the world. Generally speaking, the world's population lives in either rural or urban areas. Some people believe that living in a metropolis is more advantageous than living in the country while others prefer provincial environments.

Many people around the world believe that the city is better than the country. Firstly, they think that city life is more exciting than rural life. For example, cities have great facilities such as shopping centers, restaurants and bars. It is easy to entertain yourself in a big city, however, options for entertainment are limited in the country. Secondly, there are more employment opportunities in urban areas. In fact, unemployment rates are significantly lower in the metropolis when compared to rural areas.

However, country living does have its attractions. People that live in rural areas can enjoy many things that are unavailable to city dwellers. One obvious difference is the fresh air and clean environment. Country people usually live in an unpolluted environment. This has tremendous positive impacts in terms of health and general well-being. It is true that country people are often healthier than their city counterparts because quality fresh food is freely available. Moreover, country folk can

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