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"Divorce & Families/ Hang Nguyen Kim & Mai Trinh Thi"

In many Western cultures, and increasingly in others, divorce is becoming commonplace. What are the underlining issues leading to such break ups? How does this affect the family unit and society as a whole?

Deciding to be with each other forever or to have a legal marriage contract seems like a happy milestone of a long term relationship between lovers. Unfortunately, their thinking changes over time, and they find that they have a lot of differences in their opinions which directly lead to divorce. This essay will examine some legitimate causes of why people divorce as well as several negative impacts on those separated married couples, and also society.

To start with, there are several reasons which lead to the undesirable decision to divorce for a number of married couples. One of the chief causes, which directly contributes to separation, is a lack of interpretation by each other. The requirements of modern work make people too busy. This results in having insufficient personal opportunities for wives and husbands to share their emotional issues. Working as policemen or doctors are examples that exemplify this dilemma. Because of strict job requirements, those people have to leave their partners at night or even a few days at a time to complete their duties. In those cases, unfortunately some of them may decide to leave their families behind and focus on their careers. Day by day, conflicts from misunderstanding each other result in long term confusion in their minds. Consequently, a divorce is the unexpected but necessary solution to get out of an unhappy, legally bound marriage.

Children and society are the chief "victims" suffering from those separated families. Firstly, not only is children's psychological well-being adversely affected in the short term, but also for the remainder of their lives. They witness negative family interactions prior to a divorce and also experience many life transitions and strained familial relationships which make them feel that they are ignored by their parents, and experience disadvantageous perceptions as well as stigmas from their peers. At this time, those children may lose motivation to carry on their education and decide to commit some criminal activities as a result of being isolated. Another drawback is to the community which juvenile offenders are living in, the security of local citizens will be threatened as crime increases.

Taking everything into consideration, married couples focus too much of their time on their careers, and in a long term they cannot understand each other's thoughts or tackle the problems in their married life. Thus married couples have created many unforeseen consequences, which affect children and the community. It is suggested that young people should think carefully before they decide to get married.
Essay by Hang Nguyen Kim & Mai Trinh Thi December 2014

Comment from ITP

Some high level vocabulary usage within very complex sentence structures. This essay would easily score a band 8.