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"Housing Affordability/Trinh&Tung/Ben"

Topic: The lack of affordable housing has become a major problem in many growing cities. Some people feel that the government should provide low-cost housing as the solution for this problem. To what extent do you agree that this is best way to tackle the shortage of housing? What other solutions would you propose?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. Write at least 250 words.

With the development of the 21st century, urban sprawl is more and more prevalent. Therefore,the rate of urbanization has soared, and the most difficult problem from this process is the real estate market in megacities. Many city dwellers do not have enough money for the expense of buying a house. Some people insist that the government should assist them through building a system of inexpensive accommodation. I definitely feel that this mentioned idea is an effective and sustainable approach to tackle this problem.

First of all, people should recognize that investment of the government in the construction of low-cost housing is a potential stepping-stone in the economy and social-cultural growth of a nation. When the residence of the poor is stable, they can concentrate on making their living with legal jobs or work, because they will not face serious problems. This contributes to a significant decrease in crime rates as well as social evils. Additionally, citizens are more motivated for a civilized country due to improvements in their well-being and standard of living . Moreover, that solution could create an egalitarian society where the gap between the rich and the poor could be narrowed considerably. Consequently, ignoring the housing needs of inhabitants could be a grave mistake because this will reduce many knock-on benefits for the development of a country.

Apart from above solution, there are still some other solutions . The leaders of cities should build more and more buildings, skyscrapers or blocks of flats to save space. Furthermore, the government could set up numerous policies to make a balance between urban and rural areas. They should invest in the amenities of life in the countryside, for instance, integrated transport systems, health care services and even education. This could account for reducing the urban population in the future.

In conclusion, this essay reveals a number of possible methods to address this dilemma. However, the best way is still a balance in the density of population in both the country as well as the city .

Comment from ITP

The discussion of the knock on benefits from providing housing security to citizens at affordable prices is an excellent argument. You have developed this idea effectively.