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"Multiculturalism Advantages"


Multiculturalism only brings advantages to societies.

What is your opinion?

Cultural diversity in communities is becoming increasingly common around the world. Many countries are comprised of citizens from a range of cultural backgrounds. While some people believe that this cultural mix is positive, others contend that there is a downside to multiculturalism.

There are two main advantages associated with having many people from differing backgrounds within a nation. Firstly, the host culture is enriched through the contributions of additional cultural groups. The diet and cooking styles of some countries have been introduced to multicultural communities by migrants. For example, Chinese and Italian cuisine has become popular throughout the world. This has improved the choice and quality of food for many people. Secondly multiculturalism enables better business relationships and outcomes for host countries. Migrants can offer a network of business contacts in their home countries. Furthermore, they can assist in the acquisition of new languages that further facilitate effective business dealings around the world.

However there are sections of the community who feel that multiculturalism can have negative impacts. Their biggest concern is the ability of new cultures to assimilate into the host culture. For instance, new ethnic groups may be challenged by the need to acquire a second language. It is true that immigrants must be proficient in the language of the host country before they can properly integrate. Sometimes, these people refuse to learn the host language, or are not given adequate opportunities to study the language of their adopted countries.

To conclude, multiculturalism is a phenomenon that many countries are currently experiencing. In my opinion, the advantages of including people of differing ethnicities in our communities far outweigh the disadvantages.