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"Professions Versus Vocations"

Too much emphasis is now placed on going to university for academic study. We should encourage more people to do vocational training because there are not enough qualified tradespeople such as electricians or plumbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A tertiary level education is becoming increasingly available to the youth of today. Many young people are choosing to pursue academia after graduating from high school. However, young adults have many options when choosing a profession. Trades are one possible career choice that should be considered carefully.

Tradesmen and women are critical to the smooth operation of modern society. Every facet of our lives is dependent on skilled tradespeople. The water we drink from the tap, the power we use to light our cities and the accommodation that gives us shelter from the elements is provided by vocational graduates. These services exist because of the qualifications, skills and experience of tradespeople.

Unfortunately, there is a general belief, especially in Asian countries, that those employed in trades are less important than lawyers and accountants. It is true that these professions carry a certain status and offer higher salaries than many trades, but are they really as useful or necessary? In fact, it is not difficult to live your life without having any need for the services of a lawyer or accountant. In contrast, water supply is critical to the survival of a city's inhabitants and the city cannot be supplied with water unless there are tradespeople.

To conclude, quality vocational training is essential to modern societies. The youth of today should consider trades to be just as important as professions. If young people are not given the training and skills required to build and maintain our cities, the urban centers of the world will fall into disrepair.