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"Entertainer's Salaries"


Some members of the community feel that people in the entertainment business (movie stars, sports stars, singers) are paid too much money.

What is your opinion?

Everybody loves entertainment, and most people feel that it is an important feature of life. People like to relax. Being entertained is often the best way to achieve relaxation. While some people believe that entertainers are overpaid, others feel that their payment is appropriate.

Entertainers are often paid massive sums of money. For example, the top basket ball players and footballers usually earn millions of dollars. The people that oppose these extraordinary payments say that they are simply not worth it. They argue that the variance between the average salary and the salary of entertainers is too large and totally unjustifiable.

However, there are arguments that support mega payments to the people in the entertainment industry. Firstly, entertainers bring joy to millions of people. For example, the world's most popular singers bring happiness to people all over the world. Secondly, it is difficult for entertainers to lead a normal life. In fact, because of their popularity, the people in show business become public property. Consequently, their privacy is almost impossible to safeguard.

To summarize, in my opinion, popular entertainers are paid too much money. However, to some extent this is necessary to compensate them for life in the public spotlight.

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