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"Hard Work Versus Talent"

There is a general belief that some people are born with specific talents, such as an ability with music or sport, while others are not born talented. It is also claimed that any child can be taught how to become a great sportsperson or musician.

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Life is a wonderful gift. Everyone is given talents, although there are people who appear to be more talented than others. This is particularly true for sport and music. While some people feel that athletic and musical ability must be based on talent, others contend that these skills can be learned by anyone who applies themselves through hard work.

Most people love to participate in sport and music. It is true that almost everyone enjoys these activities, but not everyone is able to actually take part in professional sport or play a musical instrument. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, proficiency in music and sport requires consistent application and practice. For example, the best concert pianists must commit themselves to a continuous program of tuition before they can hope to be ready to perform for the general public. Secondly, talent is an important contributing factor to the success of sportspeople and musicians. For instance, Michael Jackson displayed great musical ability at a young age. After working hard to develop his talent, he then went on to become a superstar.

However, motivated and hard-working people can be taught. In terms of sport, tennis is a good example. Without tennis lessons, aspiring players will find it extremely difficult to enjoy this game. It is important for tennis players to learn how to hold the racquet correctly, and a good coach can teach this. A player's game can improve dramatically with such knowledge.

To conclude, in my opinion, both talent and ongoing commitment are vital for musicians and sportspeople. Consistent hard work is also a contributing factor.

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