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"Television Pros & Cons/ Nhung, Duyen & Ngan/ Terry"

Television is the worst invention in modern times. Do you agree or disagree?

As the progress of technological invention flourishes, many sorts of household appliances have become prevalent around the world. The invention of the television was a momentous turning point of technology, which adds value to people's lives. Thus, my belief is that it has had more benefits than disadvantages.

One thing that is of great significance is that television is an informative media, which helps people to keep a close watch over the news and events. Out of all the channels out there, many of them cover the latest information, which is occurring all over the globe. It is obvious that broadcasts are more stimulating than reading books or newspapers. Television has shortened the distance of the world, thus it enables folks to keep up-to-date on the current bulletins.

Another gain is that television permits people to wind down and refresh their minds. It is understandable that sometimes people feel stressed or tired from doing their daily activities. Hence, they prefer to watch television instead of reading novels or scientific books in their spare time. Watching entertaining programs such as films, cartoons, talk shows or game shows can be advantageous for watchers to relieve stress as well as pressure from work or studies. In this way, they laugh and temporarily forget the intense anxieties in their lives. Consequently, thanks to the invention of television, the public will achieve more positive and inspiring thoughts during their lifetimes.

On the flip side, there will always be a number of children who squander their time watching television. That causes many negative effects. For example, children have become more passive because inactive viewing is taking up too much of their leisure time, which in the past was mostly spent outdoors. Furthermore, children will become introverted and lose their social skills. The reason is that they just want to watch their favorite animations and do not want to communicate with other people. As a result, many children have not used television in the right way, and that leads to adverse effects from this invention.

In conclusion, the advantages derived from television far outweigh its downsides. At the end of the day, it is the viewer's responsibility to carefully restrict the quantity of time spent viewing.

Essay by Nhung, Duyen&Nhan
Terry's class
Q4 2014-5

Comment from ITP

You seem to be a big fan of television. Your arguments are quite convincing. You have also utilized some effective language for disadvantages: negative (effects) adverse (effects) downsides