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"Television Pros, Cons"


Television is the worst invention in modern times.

Do you agree or disagree?

The television, or TV, has become a part of almost every home around the world. People in both developed and developing countries spend considerable amounts of time watching TV. While some people believe that the television has influenced people's lives in a positive way, others contend that the impacts of this invention have been mostly negative.

Watching television is advantageous for two main reasons. Firstly, TV can keep us well informed. For example, 24 hour news channels provide us with up to date information on a variety of important topics. To be informed about the weather and financial news is critical for the planning of our daily lives. Secondly, television provides us with a form of entertainment. Movies and soap operas offer a world of engaging drama into which people can escape to relieve themselves of everyday pressures.

However, while the television has some benefits there is also a downside to watching TV. It is believed by some that many people are actually addicted to television. This theory is supported by the fact that many people watch TV for more than 3 hours per day. This addiction is also backed up by studies that have recorded actual physical reactions when people watch TV. For instance, the arteries in the brain increase in size when the TV is first switched on. It is possible that a viewer may become addicted to these physiological changes.

To conclude, the television has advantages and disadvantages. It is the viewer's responsibility to carefully limit the quantity of time spent viewing. If time spent watching TV is limited to a maximum of one or two hours per day, the benefits of watching TV will outweigh the drawbacks.

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