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"Violence & Manga"

"Japanese comics are becoming more and more popular. Some people thinks that we should limit the number of mangas because it will make teenagers behave badly in the future".

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Reading comics is a very well-known type of entertainment for teenagers and even adults. However, there is an opinion that Japanese comics will affect the way adolescents live, so we should not let them read too many. In this essay, I will discuss the positive and negative sides of this issue and also give my point of view.

Limiting the number of mangas will prevent students from accessing products which contain bad things.

Many people believe that it is better for children to not allow them to have chances to read hentai, which is the Japanese category for adult comics, by setting an eight-teen-plus restriction on the covers. Moreover, fighting monsters is a popular topic so there are a lot of mangas which have violent scenes that can probably affect adolescents' behaviors, so eliminating this kind of product is also a good way to protect the younger generation.

On the other hand, if too many kinds of manga are prohibited, it will not be an exciting form of entertainment any more. Moreover, there are a huge quantity of mangas and people do not have time to read everything, so it is very difficult to eliminate mangas. A lot of great mangas were banned by this negative judging. In Vietnam, administrators stopped publishing many comics by looking at the cover in 2007 and then there were serious reactions from readers on a lot of public websites because the majority of the remaining mangas were rubbish. Moreover, it is not a possible solution for protecting adolescents from bad impacts. Reading things which are always talking about an academic topic is very dull, so teenagers, who discover something new and exciting, will join other ways of entertaining and people will then have to find other ways to protect them again.

Setting a range of mangas for teenagers to read has some benefits for preventing them from having bad behavior. However, this will also reduce the number of good mangas by negative judging and it does not completely solve the problem of adolescents being affected while entertaining. In my opinion, the government should classify the type of mangas carefully and focus on limiting the age of readers for some categories instead of reducing the number of comics available.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion of an important topic affecting young people in Vietnam. It is obvious that you have an extensive knowledge on this topic. Some good synonymous language for control: limit, limiting, not let them, not allow them, restriction, eliminating, eliminate, prohibited, banned, stopped.