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"Transient Workforce"

Nowadays, many qualified workers leave developing countries to look for work in richer areas. Some people believe that this has a positive impact on their home countries while others feel governments should do more to reduce or prevent this movement?

Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Today, the globalized world in which we live has facilitated employment at an international level. It has become less difficult for people to live and work abroad if they are suitably qualified. While many people benefit from these opportunities, there is a potential downside to this trend. Increasingly, highly qualified and talented workers are leaving their home countries to seek work in more developed economies. As a result, some developing economies are often left without an adequately qualified workforce.

It is only natural for well-qualified people to apply for the best positions available to them. These golden opportunities often exist in first world countries where the best and brightest graduates are offered employment in first world economies. They are happy to accept these offers of employment for two main reasons. Firstly, such positions provide higher salaries for graduates. It is true that many developing economies simply cannot compete with the wages and conditions available in the developed world. Secondly, established international corporations offer career pathways and professional development that cannot be matched by newly establishing companies within the third world.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned employment trends have a negative effect on developing countries. These nations need their most talented citizens to provide them with a skilled labor force so that economic development can be stimulated. For example, well-educated and enterprising employees can help economies to develop as they often provide the entrepreneurial spirit necessary for problem solving and innovation.

In conclusion, it is my view that a skilled and educated workforce is required for a country to develop. Talented graduates should be encouraged to commit to the ongoing development of their home countries through better employment opportunities.