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"Unchecked Consumerism"

People are often indebted because they purchase unnecessary things?

What are the causes of this mindless consumerism?

Is there any way to prevent people from getting into debt by buying such pointless products?

We live in a consumerist society. In such a society, citizens are often encouraged to buy products that they do not need. Unfortunately, this often results in consumers borrowing money to purchase these products, and in many cases these consumers are unable to repay the money that they have borrowed. There are insidious reasons for this behavior although the problem can be alleviated through preventative measures.

There are two significant causes of the rampant consumerism that we see in many parts of the world today. Firstly, the average member of the public is constantly in contact with advertising. The advertisements present exaggerated perspectives of the advantages of these products. Consequently, the public are bedazzled by the marketing and induced to spend their hard earned cash. Sadly, within weeks of the buying the product, they discover that there is no real need for it. These things are often stored away; never to be used again. The second reason for this poorly considered purchasing is to achieve some kind of status in the community. People see that their neighbors have bought the latest new car or television, and they feel obliged to achieve the same material status by buying similar products. This results in a never ending competition to see who can impress others by owning the newest material goods.

Perhaps the only way to check the above consumer behavior is to disengage from the media. By exposing ourselves to the onslaught of marketing on television, in newspapers or on the internet, we are easily mesmerized by the advertising. We should simply switch off commercial television and block junk mail from our inboxes. Only then will we be able to resist the temptation to buy useless consumer items. If we can live within our means, and avoid unnecessary consumerism, we should also be able to avoid the debilitating debt that can result from the purchase of unnecessary products.