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"Media Violence"

Violent media on television, at the movies, on the internet or on computer games makes young people, particularly children, violent and aggressive. Consequently, governments should heavily restrict the availability of violent media to people under 18.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The media has become a significant part of contemporary society. The internet, print and broadcast media all play a big part in our lives, but violent content is often a part of the media that we consume. While some people believe that the media must not be censored, others contend that children should not have access to violent media content.

People that support an uncensored media think that violence is a part of life. They say that war, death and physical injury happen every day in real life, therefore, the media should accurately reflect this reality. To them, a sterilized version of life seems unrealistic.

However, the quantity and vivid quality of violent media content can actually present a somewhat unrealistic version of life.Bashings, murder and other forms of violence do happen, but not with the same regularity as say the violence on video games. This heightened exposure to violence can have detrimental effects. For example, a young boy who has spent hours playing violent video games might eventually become desensitized to violence. Eventually, he or she may feel that to be violent is to be normal.

In conclusion, excessive exposure to violence through the media can have harmful effects on young people. Governments need to restrict access to violent content for young people so as to protect them from forming an unrealistic view of the world.

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