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"Zombies in the Mega-Mall"

There have been recent reports of Zombies frequenting the mega malls.

What is a Zombie?

Have you seen any Zombies while shopping?

Zombies are a creation of Hollywood. These so called "living dead" wander the streets looking for their favorite food source which is the brains of the living. Zombies cannot be killed, as they are already dead. In fact, the killing of a Zombie is almost impossible and usually requires them to be dismembered or discombobulated. While some people report that they have seen genuine Zombies in the mega malls, others are of the view that many mega mall shoppers are actually real people behaving like Zombies.

Brains are the favorite food of Zombies because they are completely devoid of intelligence. Fortunately, there is no logic or planning involved when a Zombie is hungry for brains. Similarly, many consumers in today's mega malls lack a strategy when shopping. Today's shoppers seem to be aimlessly wandering the mega malls seeking some kind of gratification. They appear to be mesmerized by the lighting, colors and music. While they are not necessarily seeking brains, this type of Zombie is easily bedazzled by useless consumer items, mindlessly spending money on things that they do not need.

Personally, I have not seen a Zombie in a shopping Mall although I do understand why some people are reporting such occurrences. Increasingly, the average shopper in the mega mall is mindlessly wandering the aisles, searching for useless consumer items with an appetite that cannot be satisfied. Further to this, I am deeply concerned that if shoppers do not approach their shopping in full consciousness they may eventually evolve into Hollywood style Zombies.