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"Devices & Gadgets"

Nowadays, both teachers and students are bringing more electronic devices into the classroom.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of increased technology use in education?

As with most facets of life, education has not remained untouched by technology. Classrooms around the world have seen the introduction of a variety of devices that are being used by teachers as well as students. While some people believe that these gadgets are greatly beneficial, others contend that there is a downside to the usage of technology in the classroom.

Perhaps the greatest function of technology for the purpose of education is that it allows fast access to information. Devices such as Smart Phones and I Pads can connect to the internet via Wi Fi. Consequently, teachers and students have an open doorway to all the information available on the World Wide Web. These communication technologies effectively put the world library, contained on the net, within reach of educators.

However, there is a price to pay when using information technologies to facilitate education. The most significant downside is the danger that the device may actually have a negative impact on educational outcomes. While a mobile phone provides connection to the information superhighway, it also functions as a telephone. Unfortunately, many students are constantly distracted by text messages and phone calls from family and friends.

To conclude, technological gadgets do have an important role as educational tools. If both teachers and students limit their usage to the learning outcomes, these devices can improve educational objectives.